Secure and flexible continuous integration.

Buildbox hosts the tools, and run the tests on your own infrastructure giving you complete control.

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Any language

It's your build server, so you can run any language or toolchain. Ruby, Xcode, Go, Java, etc.

Any environment

Buildbox runs wherever Ruby does. So that means you can use Buildbox on Linux, OSX and even Windows.

Any version control system

Built in support for Github, Github Enterprise, and Bitbucket. Or any other version control system using our HTTP Build Trigger API.

Your code stays secure

When you authenticate with GitHub and Bitbucket, we don't ask for access to read your private source code.

Build notifications

Buildbox will let you know when your builds finish using HipChat, Campfire, Flowdock, GitHub Commit Status API and email.

Continuous deployment

Your applicaton code never leaves your servers, so you can feel confident deploying to your production systems without sharing private keys and secrets.

Buildbox is free to signup. No credit card required.

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